vila da fuseta 



Understood as a stimulus to the experimentation of creative languages ​​and processes in the fields of music and dance, the exchange between artists and society from diverse countries fosters production, enjoyment and cultural exchange, while broadening the public's perception of the diversity between cultures. Based on this understanding, the Festival Pé na Terra, produced and created by the Danças da Terra Association, appears in 2012 in Vila da Fuseta, Algarve, aiming to promote visibility of the cultural contents of the Portuguese speaking countries, creating an exchange between participants from different countries , local population, groups and artists from Portugal, Africa and Brazil.

The Festival has hosted several artists from different parts of the world, such as:

Mart'nália, Silvério Pessoa (BR), Teatro Mágico (BR), Roberta Espinosa (BR), Tiago Nacarato (PT), Fogo Fogo (PT), Terrakota (PT), Chalo Correia (AO), Mamadu Baio (MZ). The diversity of its public is also significant, receiving in its totality, participants from more than 20 countries, among them: Greece, Norway, Russia, England, France, Spain, Belgium, Mozambique, Angola, Brazil, Portugal, among others.